1. Is There A Catalog or Pricelist Available?
Due to there is a great number of products and mostly are customized as well as our effort to provide lowest price to our customer, compiling a catalog would not be very fruitful. Our website contains all the information we have on our products.  If you have any specific question, we welcome you to contact our customer service representatives.
2. Is Drop shipping available from you?
Yes, Drop shipping is common among the Electronics retailing business. Drop shipping means a reseller instruct their wholesale counterpart, which may be located in a duty free zone, to ship out orders according to the reseller and delivering directly to their customers in a as and when basis. The reseller does not actually take the job of stocking, packaging and shipping.
3. How long does it take before I can receive my order? 
If select from our on line catalogs, usually you are expected to get your orders in 2- 3 weeks from payment date. For customized mascot, please allow 3-5 weeks from deposit date.  .   
4. What should I do if I still do not receive my order after the estimated time of arrival? 
You will have to notify us and we will check status for you, followed by working out a replacement solution, whenever necessary. Whatever it is, you have paid us, and we ensure that you will receive your order by any means.
5. What if the shipment is lost or missing?
A replacement solution will be offered to you. The products are insured before sipping. 
6. What if I receive a defect product?
Such problems are rather uncommon, considering the fact that we will only supply fine quality of products. If it is a manufacturing defect  that is beyond our control, therefore a replacement solution will be offered to you.
7. What’s the minimum order quantity?
there is no minimum order quantity limited
8. What about custom tax or duty? Will I be charged for ordering from you?
Please note that all import taxes  duties are the buyer responsibility.
Please find out as much as you can about your import taxes in your own country before completing your order.
If you find out information about the import tax situation in your country, and you believe there are ways for you to minimize the taxes you have to pay or eliminate the taxes altogether, we are more than happy to follow your instructions regarding labeling, packing, declarations, invoices, etc. Just tell us what you need and we will let you know what we can do to help.
9. You dont have costume I am looking for, can you source it for me? 
You name it, we got it! Please send your detailed requirement to sales@arismascots.com
10. How can I make my own sales?  
You can hire it to kids party or sell at ebay. Please email us at sales@arismascots.com regarding your interest to become a reseller.
11.Can you add my logo to the mascot?
12. Is customized mascot available?
Yes, you can send us your artwork for customize or just tell us a brief idea about mascot you want to have, useful suggestions would be offered based on our years of experience, amendment on the standard product to suit your needs available also.
13.How long does the mascot can be used?
With proper care and cleaning a mascot costume should last 3 or 4 years depending on use.  If a costume is used 2 or 3 times a week we suggest a second costume be purchased so that you can always have a clean costume. Alternating costumes also extends the wear
14.Can I Get Any Special Discount For My Order?
Yes, the special discount can be offered which is based on your requirement.
15. I have read everything in your FAQ, and still can not find the answer to my question
 It is pretty simple, just write to sales@arismascots.com or contact us  and you will have your question answered in less than 24 hours time, just as soon as possible.

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