Material & Package
Mascot Build Up Materials & Package
1) Supported Material:
-Enviromental friendly E.V.A., E.P.E, Sponge material to build up mascot shape of head or big body.
E.V.A. has better density and water proof than E.P.E, it last longer time than E.P.E. foam shape. Sponge material mostly used for those mascot with big shape, for easy transportation. the quality is same as E.V.A.

all of them are ultra-lightweight, breathable and extremely long-lasting. They also have the benefit of being water-resistant and buoyant in case you ever need your mascot to float or are concerned about your mascot performing near water. which of our mascot costume are mostly applied material

-Fiberglass material, fiberglass is very rigid, not good for hugging, prone to cracking, which means more repairs, and is very heavy, making it uncomfortable for a performer to wear he mascot head for a long period of time. upholestery foam absorbs and traps moisture and odors, it also decays very quickly and is not at all breathable. but the apperance is smooth, the outlooks more vivid and shinning.
2) Coating and outfit
All kinds of fur plush fabric are used to make mascot coating and outfit, some patent leather, feather, silk or lycra material to be used to make beak, feet, dress, sports shirt.

3) Gloves, Feet, Helmet

4) Ventilation, there is a 4 pieces of 5A batteries charged small cooling fan fixed inside of mascot head for cooling.

5) Mascot Package

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