What is a wearable transformer

What is a wearable transformer?
Wearable Transformers is a new type of mascot costume design based on the shape of Transformers. It truly simulates the height and  details of Transformers in a 1:1 ratio. It can be worn and attract people in opening ceremony, marketing, exhibitions, entertainment, event party, etc.

What is the manufacturing process of wearable transformers?
Wearable Transformers uses advanced environmentally friendly polymer materials to make, It is light in weight and soft in material. the thigh parts are connected with upper body with velcro, which makes the costume is more convenient to wear,  The whole transformer costumes restore the movie character model 100%,  In order to interact with people closely while wearing Transformers during the event, the head is equipped with high-brightness LED light , and also be equipped with a head holder, there is also a voice changer sound card installed inside of transformer helmet for better communication.

Where are wearable transformers used?
Wearable Transformers has a cool appearance and can easily become the focus when walked in the street. Therefore, it can be used in various business performances, openings, store celebrations, mall exhibitions, weddings, theme cosplay and other entertainments. It has the great effect of creating a sensation and attracting the attention of people

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