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  • Transformer Megatron Costume
Transformer Megatron Costume

Transformer Megatron Costume

  • Product No.:AMS018
  • Material:EVA
  • Includes:head+under black cover suit+chest+arms with hands+legs with feet+thigh pads
  • Vision:Eyes
  • Size:fits for adults 165cm-185cm, up to 95kgs
  • Package Weight:30kgs
  • Package Size:120cm x 80cm x 80cm
  • Custom:Yes
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Megatron costume design based on the shape of Transformers. It truly simulates the height and  details of Transformers in a 1:1 ratio. height up to 2.7m for person 1.8m to wear. 

Adult megatron costume uses advanced environmentally friendly polymer materials to make, It is light in weight and soft in material. the thigh parts are connected with upper body with velcro, which makes the costume is more convenient to wear,  The whole transformer costumes restore the movie character model 100%,  In order to interact with people closely while wearing Transformers during the event, the head is equipped with high-brightness LED light , and also be equipped with a head holder, there is also a voice changer sound card installed inside of transformer helmet for better communication.

Megatron cosplay costume has a cool appearance and can easily become the focus when walked in the street. Therefore, it can be used in various business performances, openings, store celebrations, mall exhibitions, weddings, theme cosplay and other entertainments. It has the great effect of creating a sensation and attracting the attention of people.


Proper maintenance is vital to prolong the life of megatron costume, In addition to offering our cleaning and repair service, this page is designed to help you with some tips on how to care for your megatron cosplay costume after each use.
1. Dry cleaning or machine washing is forbidden. The chemicals used in the dry cleaning process may damage certain components of the megarton transformer costumes
2. Clean any spots on the real life transformer costumes with a wet vac or damp cloth, portable stain removers, such as shout wipes, are handy for small stain emergencies, the sooner any stain is treated, the easier it will come out.
3. Don't expose the optimus costume in the sunshine for long time in summer
4. Keep away from rain or fire
5. Store it in a clean and well ventilated room, cover it with polybag and hand on the supporter when don't use it, so the shape will be kept well.
Following these maintenance tips will keep your working transformer costume in optimal condition and provide a much more pleasant experience for wear it next time.

Performance guidelines recommended for the health & wellbeing of your personnel:

Before you wear Megatron costume to give a performance, be sure to follow below tips and tricks to assure that your optimus prime get the most impact:

1. The Megatron wearer should be of reasonable strength and stamina. The Megatron costume is bulky and will get very warm while worn.

2. T-shirt is best to wear under the transformer costume. The wearer should drink plenty of liquids before and after the event

3. The Megatron prime fancy dress should be worn with shoes.

4. Be sure to have a dress rehearsal, becoming comforabtle in the Megatron costume before the event will insure the best performance.

5. Hydrate yourself with water and snack on a few pretzels or potato chips before the event, especially in warm temperatures. Sweat causes you to lose water and sodium, which contributes to uncomfortable leg cramps and can make you feel faint. The salt provided by the snack infuses additional sodium into your system, and the water keeps dehydration at bay.

6. We strongly recommand cooling vest and gel packs with only a little charges for transformer ventilation in hot weather.

7. Move cautiously at all times. Megatron headgear limits your visibility, a child can be standing at your feet and out of your field of vision.

8. Portray a friendly attitude at all times. The transformer is an icon, and poor behavior by the Megatronwearer can reflect negatively on the sports team or business it represents. Wave to passersby, and offer a handshake to anyone who comes close to you

9.The operator must never be seen out of transformer costume in a public place. They must continue to perform as the characters until out of public view

10.The maximum time recommended to wear a transformer costume, followed by a break of at least 15 minutes in order to avoid exhaustion is no more than 30 mins.  

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